Hello and thank you for your interest in the third installment of High Street Trivia, brought to you by your friends at Cheesman Park.


Wednesday 6/24/20 7:00 PM (Mountain) / 9:00 PM (Eastern) Add to your Calendar.

Link to Play:

Platform is Google Meet, you may need a Gmail account to play.

You can join with or without video, I’ll be sharing my screen. Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking to keep things speedy.

How it works

We will be asking a bunch of random trivia questions. The first three people to correctly answer each question in the group chat get a point.

In the bonus round, the points are doubled. Doubled.

If you have the most points at 8:00 PM Mountain Time, we will mail you a really cool rock.*

Honor Code

Please resist the urge and do not use the internet right in front of you to look up the answers. If we suspect you are cheating, we will totally say that you aren’t even being that chill.

*nice attention to detail checking what this asterisk was

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