10 Animals that have Never Been to Denver, Colorado.

Denver is a rapidly growing city. Sitting between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, the capital of Colorado is turning into one of the best places to live and visit in Western North America. Even with that in mind, here is a list of 10 animals that have never once stepped foot or fin in the Mile High City.

What’s this baby goat eating? Clearly not a Snarf’s sandwich or an Illegal Pete’s burrito. This kid has never been to Denver, Colorado.

This cow spends her days in Leadville, Colorado. Despite the proximity, she’s never quite made it to the Queen City of the Plains.

We’re not sure who sold this terrier this paperback, but it certainly wasn’t Capitol Hill Books or The Tattered Cover.

With nearby ski hills operating well into May, you’d think this spring chicken might consider a visit to Denver. He hasn’t.

This zebra has not once in his entire life considered visiting the 2nd largest city in the Mountain Time Zone.

This sheep is interested in visiting Casa Bonita after learning about the restaurant from an episode of South Park. He is thinking that the eighteen hour drive may not be worth it.

This clownfish has pretty much settled on spending the remaining years of his life in the Eastern Hemisphere.

This boar doesn’t care about the 16th Street Mall.

This cat is concerned about Denver’s future. The city has a rapidly growing population in an environment where rising temperatures are lowering the region’s water supply. She has never been to Denver.

That’s not City Park or Cheeseman Park. Hell, that’s not even Wash Park. That’s a swan in the Midwest. It’s migration patterns do not include a stop at Union Station.

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